Winter 2024 Services and Pricing

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Prompt Technical Solutions & Handyman Services

Your one-stop-shop for all technical fixes and home repairs. Quality service with a personal touch, ensuring you can always count on "double-oh" speed and reliability!

Our Services

At 00doit, we provide comprehensive handyman and technical services to meet your every need. From tech repair and consulting to robust handyman labor, we've got you covered. With a background spanning over two decades in technical consulting, we specialize in PC services, Android support, data migration, and more. As a registered contractor, our handyman services are insured and include minor repairs, yard work, and setup assistance all delivered with the promise of quality and reliability.

Technical Consulting

Need help navigating the latest in tech or cutting-edge AI for your business? Our expertise is at your service. For personal or commercial needs, our consulting services are tailored to keep you ahead in an ever-advancing digital world.

Handyman Services

Our hands-on experience extends to practical tasks around your home and office. Whether it's a one-time call or ongoing project work, we provide reliable, insured service with transparent pricing and clear communication.

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